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Communication and Action

It is the purpose of the WPA to bring together the people of the western pallet industry to share knowledge that shapes individual decisions, creates innovative ideas, discusses industry issues, and promotes the wooden pallet industry - a sustainable resource.

The WPA has been protecting and developing  this important sustainable economic resource since 1974.


What our members say about WPA:


"Membership in the WPA helps us in several key areas. First, the association provides solid and timely information and education via its newsletter, the annual meeting and its membership. Second, it helps us stay connected with current partners through the annual event. Third, it provides a resource for finding good new partners that can help us serve customers throughout the Western US. It is a great value for Pallet Logistics of America."

Jim Schwab

Pallet Logistics of America


"A long time ago, some of us pallet guys were having lunch in San Jose and in walks a group of canners, our customers. Canners were not very happy with us getting together as a group. I believe this is when WPA came into being. We can now all talk with each other, exchange ideas, socialize, and even help each other in a legal manner. It is my opinion that the WPA is a necessity if you are related to the pallet industry."

Tom Turner

Corresponding Member


"For me, the information provided about changes and trends in the industry that may affect our business directly have been very much appreciated. In addition, we have been able to build business relationships with other members. This seems to be more important than ever, since networking is going to be vital as more companies are becoming regional and national suppliers.

Jose Padilla

Oakland Pallet


"Industrial Reporting, Inc. has been an active member of the Western Pallet Association ever since we started working with the pallet industry in 1977. Dating back to the early days of the WPA, our company must be one of the longest standing associate members of the WPA. I have found your meetings to be valuable opportunities to get to know the industry in the western part of the country and an excellent venue to develop long standing relationships. Your members are friendly, and your meetings typically contain good information to keep your members informed about issues that are paramount to your geographic region. Thanks for being such good friends to the Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Weekly Profile, and our staff over the years."

Ed Brindley, Ph.D.

Industrial Reporting, Inc.




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